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Data Pane Settings

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Available Data Only

By default, the information in each data pane is based on the audience members whose user profiles contained relevant data. A note at the bottom of the data pane tells you the percentage of queried users on which the information was based. The note is displayed more prominently if the percentage is too small to be meaningful. Hover over the note to see the number of users included in the sample.

In the Gender pie chart in this example, only 71% of the queried users entered their gender.



To include users with no relevant data:

  • Click the Settings down arrow at the top of the data pane.
  • Uncheck the "Show available data only" box.
  • Click "Apply".


The display in the data pane changes to include the entire user segment, and the note at the bottom of the pane changes accordingly:



To set this option for all data panes, click   in the Filter settings.


Map Mode

In data panes showing maps, clicking the Settings down arrow displays the Mode drop-down list, which allows you to view more localized maps.



Time Period

In some tabs, clicking the Settings down arrow displays the Time Period setting, which lets you set the time period for which activity data is shown.