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  1. Using HTTP Basic Authorization header (this is the preferred method) -
    The Authorization value should be constructed as follows:

    Code Block
     BASE64("<client_id>" + ":" + "<client_secret>")

    (You can not use an application or user key with this method)
    For example:

    Code Block
    POST /token HTTPS/1.1
    Authorization: Basic PUT-YOUR-KEYS-STRING-HERE
    Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  2. Using grant_type of authorization code with query parameters and partner secret -
    client_id - The Gigya API key
    client_secret - The Gigya Secret Key

  3. Using grant_type of none none or client_credentials with query parameters and user/application key and secret - This method may also use only the client_id and client_secret (partner secret) like option 2, above.
    client_id - The Gigya API key
    userKey - The user or application key
    secret - The user or application key's secret