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Optional: If you are planning on configuring a domain alias (CNAME), please insert your alias subdomain (CNAME value) instead of '' and your domain instead of Gigya's domain. i.e., httphttps://[YOUR-ALIAS-SUB-DOMAIN] in the Authorized Redirect URLs field of the Authentication page. Note: Please do not use https.

  1. Log into LinkedIn and go to the developers page:
  2. Click "Create Application".
  3. In the "Create a New Application" dialog, fill in the following details:
    • Company Name
    • Name (of the application)
    • Description
    • Application Logo URL
    • Application Use
    • Website URL
    • Business Email
    • Business Phone
    • Agree to the "LinkedIn API Terms of Use."

  4. After clicking Submit you will be presented with your Authentication Keys, a "Client ID" and a "Client Secret", which correspond to the App ID and App Secret you will need to input into Gigya's website, as described in the next section. Note you can always return to this page by selecting the "Authentication" tab inside your LinkedIn application dashboard.
  5. Under "Default Application Permissions":