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  • Does the deprecation of Google Plus affect me?
    • Yes, if you are using Google as a login provider then you will need to take some action for Google to continue to function properly, as detailed below. We expect the transition to go smoothly, thanks to the following:
      • The OIDC login flow has been supported for some time, meaning users should continue to be able to log in using their Google identities.
      • Our tests show that the providerUID returned from Google is the same for Google Plus and Google Sign-In, so user records will update seamlessly after the change.

  • What do I need to do to ensure the Google login option will work smoothly?
    • After your Provider Configuration is updated, if you are using the General Permission of Enable retrieving user contacts you will need to stop requesting that permission by unchecking the box and re-saving your site's Permissions.

  • Does the deprecation affect my mobile apps?
    • Yes, any mobile apps that are using Google as a login provider via our Android SDK need to be updated and recompiled with the latest SDK to support the Google Plus deprecation. Download the latest Android SDK (v3.3.27 below28 or above):
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