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The following events are triggered by RaaS Screen-Sets

  • onError: called when an error occurs.
  • onBeforeSubmit: called before a form is submitted. This event gives you an opportunity to perform certain actions before the form is submitted, or cancel the submission by returning "false". 
  • onSubmit: called when a form is submitted, can return a value or a promise. This event gives you the option of modifying the form data when it is submitted. 
  • onAfterSubmit: called after a form is submitted.
  • onBeforeScreenLoad: called before a screen is rendered. This event gives you an opportunity to cancel the navigation by returning "false". 
  • onAfterScreenLoad: called after a new screen is rendered.
  • onFieldChanged: called when a field is changed in a managed form.
  • onHide: called when a user clicks the "X" (close) button, or when the screen is hidden at the end of the flow. 
  • onBeforeValidation: called after a user clicks Submit on a Screen-Set, and before Gigya's built-in field and form validations (onBeforeSubmit). Can be used to add custom validations to the form (e.g., ZIP code validation).