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  1. Go to and login or register an account.
  2. Read and accept the Mobile App Distribution Agreement.
  3. Define how you intend to use your Developer account and click Save and Continue.

  4. Once your account is registered, or you have logged in, select the Apps & Services tab and then proceed to the Login with Amazon section of the Developer portal (image below in step #5). 
  5. If you do not yet have a Security Profile, you will be prompted to create one now. Press the Create a New Security Profile button.

  6. In the "Application Information" section fill in your application name, description, privacy policy and logo. 
  7. You will be presented with your Client ID and Client Secret (which you will need to configure your Gigya Console Providers Configuration).

  8.  Hover over the settings icon and select Web Settings to edit your Login apps settings.

  9. Fill Allowed Origins with your site's domain.  If your domain is not https (SSL), use
  10. Enter into the Allowed Return URLs field
    Note: If your site is defined under one of Gigya's non-US data centers, please add another entry by pressing "Add Another" and enter:
    https://socialize.<Data_Center>/GS/GSLogin.aspx? (e.g., for Europe).

    Include Page
    Template_GS Current Datacenters
    Template_GS Current Datacenters
    These entries cannot be replaced by a CNAME and are Case-Sensitive.


  11. Click Save when complete and proceed to Phase 2.