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Gigya's commenting service supports moderation administration. This section of the Comments Settings page includes moderation settings, including notification email, moderation mode, and more. Read more  in the  Comments Moderation dedicated  guide. Show If

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Blocked Words


The Gigya Console comes with a pre-defined list of blocked strings that will cause a comment to be rejected. This list can be edited to suit your specific needs by going to the Restrictions tab of the Comments section.


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When a comment is rejected due to a blocked term, an email will be sent to the site's Moderators with the blocked word highlighted. It is important to note that the Restrictions algorithm will stop running after it encounters the first blocked term, so if there are additional words or phrases in your Restrictions list, only the first encountered blocked term will be highlighted.


You can also set blocked terms from inside the Moderator's Panel itself via the Settings tab.
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When a comment is posted, Gigya will first check the Restrictions list defined in the Site Settings of the Gigya Console, then will check the Moderator Panel Restrictions.

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When Moderation is enabled, the moderator(s) will receive an email whenever a comment is posted. This includes Rejected and Flagged comments.