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Gigya offers the following plugins (Gigya Social Engagement consists of the following Plugins except Loyalty):

  • Login - A user login plugin.
  • Share Bar - The plugin displays a bar of buttons for sharing to social destinations.
  • Comments - The plugin displays commenting streams. 
  • R&R - The plugins give your customers an easy way to provide feedback on product and content across your site.
  • Reactions - A one click reaction buttons bar, allowing users to easily interact with posts or content on your site.
  • Share - The plugin is a pop-up dialog that gives the user an option to publish a newsfeed to multiple social networks.
  • Loyalty - There are five Loyalty add-ons:
    • Achievements - The plugin enables users to view their currently achieved level, badge image and title per challenge.
    • Challenge Status - The plugin users to view all the badges, both locked and unlocked, of the specified challenge.
    • User Status - The plugin enables users to view their current status in a specific challenge, and control their privacy settings.
    • Leaderboard - The plugin displays the top ranking users in a specific challenge.
    • Notifications - The plugin notifies the user of his latest achievement, and allows him to share this to his social networks.