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Gigya's sharing and social interaction plugins embed an inner 'Add Connection' plugin:

Share PluginActivity Feed Plugin* Comments PluginReactions Plugin

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The default behavior when a user clicks on one of the social network buttons within one of these plugins:


Our recommendation:

  • In case of Activity Feed Plugin, Login Plugin, Add Connections Plugin: execute the login flow right away.
  • In case of Share Plugin, Reactions Plugin: wait for the onSendDone event and only then execute the login flow. The motivation for postponing the login flow is that both plugins use a pop-up dialog. We want the user to first finish his sharing process. Only after the dialog closes, we will proceed to the login flow that may include redirecting or popping-up a registration form.
  • In case of Comments Plugin: based on your preference; either execute the login flow right away or wait for the onCommentSubmited event.