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  • Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS): An end-to-end user management system package. This platform offers a comprehensive cloud-based user registration service that supports login by social networks while allowing sites to maintain a single user database that combines social and traditional site authentication. For additional information and advanced implementation options see Registration-as-a-Service Customer Identity.

  • Social Login: The Gigya extension can be used as an external authentication system, allowing users to sign up to your site using their social networks. Users can register and login to your site with their social network identities, which the site will manage as conventional Hybris user accounts.


  • Choose the ID (e.g., loginID) to be a unique value; this field is mandatory.
  • Choose the Name (e.g., LoginButton).
  • Choose the Login label that the component will display (e.g., Login) for anonymous users. When the user clicks this link, the Login/Registration screen-set will appear.
  • Choose the Logout label that the component will display (e.g., Logout) for logged-in users. When the user clicks this link, the Logout process will be triggered.

  • Click DONE.

RaaS Screen-Sets and Flows


Screen-Set ComponentScreen-SetDescriptionImplemented Flows (Click link for more details and a flow diagram)
Register/LoginDefault-RegistrationLoginAllows the user to log in or register. Also enables the user to initiate a password reset.Login, Registration, Forgot Password
GeneralDefault-ProfileUpdateAllows the user to edit their profile.Update Profile
Register/LoginDefault-ReAuthenticationEvoke this screen-set to require the user to re-authenticate anywhere added security is needed.Re-Authentication
Register/LoginDefault-LinkAccountsWhen a user is trying to register with a social account that shares an email address with an existing registered account, this screen-set can be evoked to merge the two accounts.Link Accounts
GeneralDefault-LiteRegistrationWhen a currently anonymous user would like to subscribe to a newsletter or register for an event with only their email address. Lite users can not login and do not have registered accounts.Newsletter Subscription or any other instance when you only require the user's email address and they do not need to have a full account.