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Gigya's Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a powerful CIAM platform (Customer Identity and Access Management) that enables you to connect with your website and app users, and engage with your customers. RaaS helps you gather critical information about your users, store that information securely and leverage it for an enhanced customer experience. Use RaaS as the pivot point for launching personalized marketing campaigns, providing excellent customer service, and creating an enjoyable user experience overallbuilding a trust-based relationship with your users

  • Frictionless Registration: Website visitors register with ease as RaaS provides friendly registration screens which require minimal input, offer logging in with social networks, and include predefined flows to ensure registration completion. 
  • Higher Registration Rates: A quick and easy process leads to higher registration rates as only minimal information is required from the user. However, the quality of user data is not compromised. RaaS continues to unobtrusively collect user data over time and as the user continues to interact with your site, by using progressive profiling. See also our Registration Conversion Best Practices guide.
  • Meaningful Identities: Each registration transforms anonymous visitors into rich user profiles, complete with information such as age, gender, preferences and site behavior, stored in Gigya's secure database. 
  • Identity Life-Cycle: User data and behavior can be viewed, managed and analyzed in one platform - Gigya's Console - and can be synchronized with external tools (such as CRM, sales and service systems) using Identity Sync, our ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platform. 
  • Easy to Manage: In the console, you can easily customize the user-facing elements, such as registration screens and confirmation emails: Change the appearance to match your branding, add predefined and custom data fields and define the available language options; all in the same place where you configure your site policies and manage admin permissions.
  • Advanced Options: Gigya offers many advanced options that may be added on top of RaaS, to accommodate a  wide variety of business needs. These include logging in with a federated identity using SAML or OIDC, monitoring behavioral datapasswordless login via SMS (OTP, or One-Time Password), and more.