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Identity Access is a Gigya tool that allows site administrators to manage their users. As a site administrator you can view users' profiles, social data as well as site custom data. You can also search users, or edit and delete user's information. If you have the Loyalty - Gamification and User Behavior package enabled, this tool also enables access to the user's Gamification achievements.


On the Identity Access page there is a header showing the total number of users listed on the site.

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Users Table

The Identity Access page allows the administrators to browse through site users and view specific user details. The table holding the user's information includes the following columns:


  • Achievements
    • Lists the user's challenges with the following information:
      • Challenge Title - as it appears in the Game Mechanics Setup page.
      • Current Level - the user's current level in the specified challenge. The level is represented by a badge, a level title, and the number of the level.
      • Points Total - the overall earned points that have been accumulated up to date. The 'total points' value can only increase, you can't subtract from it. Read more about GM points.
      • Points 7 Days - the points earned during the past 7 days. Similar to the 'Total Points', 7 Day Points are only accumulated and can not be redeemed.
      • Rank - the rank of the user compared to his fellow GM users.
      • Rank 7 Days -  t he r ank of the user compared to his fellow GM users in the last 7 days.
      • Settings - the settings include AddReduce, and Redeem buttons, which are used to add, reduce, or redeem points from the user in the specified challenge. Read more about GM points.

  • Actions Log
    • Allows you to specify a time frame for which you want to view the actions that took place.
      • Your options are:
        • Today
        • Yesterday
        • Last 7 days (default)
        • Last 30 days
        • Custom - where you specify the start and end dates.
      • For each action there is:
        • The time the action occurred
        • The Challenge Title
        • The Action ID
        • The number of Points the action awarded the user
        • The IP Address from which the action took place