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Gigya is a Customer Identity and Access Management provider (CIAM). Our services facilitate interaction and engagement with consumers of website and app content, complete with a suite of tools for analyses and reports, managing your user databse and extrapolating action steps from the data.

Gigya helps companies turn unknown site visitors into known, loyal and engaged customers. Our flagship product is Registration-as-a-Service Customer Identity (RaaS), which provides out-of-the-box registration, login and other flows, a dynamic user database, and management tools for customizing and fine-tuning the registration process to match your needs.

You can learn more about our customers and their Gigya implementations here.



A site admin tool for accessing and editing site users' data. As a site administrator you can view users' profiles, social data as well as site custom data. You can also search users, edit and delete users' information. If you have the Loyalty - Gamification and User Behavior package enabled, this tool also enables access to users' Gamification achievements. Read more here.

SMS Login - OTP

Gigya offers one-time password (OTP) authentication, also known as SMS Login, as an additional login method that can be included in the Gigya login UI.