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titleWhat do I need to get started?

We recommend that you start with our Developer's Guide. The guide starts with basic information to get started using the Gigya service and also contains guides for using Gigya API methods. It is highly recommended that you read this document before you begin coding.RaaS Guide and Site Setup guide. You may also refer to our Live Working Examples, which also include the code you can download and run from localhost.


titleHow do I implement Gigya's Social Sign-on?

In our Identity Management Platform documentation we provide a few implementation guides for integrating social login in your site/applicationReview the following guides:

  1. Social Login - An overview of Gigya's Social Login.
  2. Adding Connections - This page provides logged-in users in your site with an option to add connections to multiple social networks, hence enabling to interact with friends on multiple social networks.
  3. Using Plugins to Initiate Site Login - On this page you can learn how to integrate Gigya PluginsEngagement Add-Ons with the social login process and leverage the plugins to acquire new site users.