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The following flow describes the interaction between Gigya and the extension service during a user's registration flow, when the fallback policy is set to ignore all errors. Note that in this case, unless the response returned to Gigya from the extension URL specifically requests to fail the registration, Gigya will proceed with the registration as usual. 

Title: onBeforeAccountsRegister
participant Client/Browser as s
participant Gigya Server as g
participant Extension as e
s->s: User initiates registration,\nsubmits form 
s->g: Start registration process. \naccounts.register fired.
g->g: Some authentication,\nchecks rate limit etc.
g->e: Posts request
e->e: Endpoint performs\nlogic on the submitted data
e-->>g: Invalid response
g-->>g: Standard registration
e-->>g: Valid response:\nRegistration OK!
g-->>g: Standard registration
e-->>g: Valid response:\nFail the registration!
g-->>g: Stop registration
g->s: Registration response\nreturned to the client