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Depending on the admin's permissions, the following actions may be available from the actions Actions dropdown: 

The Verify Email Address and Resend Verification Email options are relevant if your site policies require that newly registered users verify their registration via email, in which case you can resend the email, or bypass the requirement by verifying the email yourself. 


When selecting the Custom criterion, a window opens where you can select up to 10 fields by which to search. [

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You can select any combination of fields from the special fields, profile, data, preferences and subscriptions namespaces. 

Enter a term in the "filter by" to find specific fields quickly.

After selecting the fields, the search bar changes color, and a tooltip shows hover over the word "Custom" to see a tooltip with the list of selected fields.

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Filter Results

Apply filters to the search results by clicking the Filter button (Image Added), and opening the relevant dropdown:


The left menu contains information that is always available in the full profile view (regardless of tab navigation), such as the user's identities, and UID. In addition, it contains a set of available actions, and the tab navigation menu.


Click the Actions menu to expand it. Depending on your permissions and the specific user, the following actions may be available: 

  • Verify Email Address: Changes the status of the account to "Verified". 
  • Resend 'Verification Email': Sends to the user the verification email (defined in the Email Templates section of Gigya's Console) they should have received automatically when registering to your site. 
  • Send 'Reset Password' Email: Sends to users an email with a token for resetting their password. 
  • Reset Sharing Settings: For sites that implement Automatic Sharing, resets the user's share settings. 
  • Remove Identities: Remove a social or federated identity from the user's account. After removal, the user will not be able to log in with that identity, and data from that source will be deleted. 
  • Reset TFA Devices: Reset the methods of identification used as the second factor for authenticating the user (e.g., phone number, authentication app). In their next login, they will need to register a device.
  • Force TFA Expiration: Force the user to provide second-factor authentication the next time they log in.
  • Unlock Account: Unlocks a user account that is locked out due to a triggered RBA policy (for example, 3 unsuccessful login attempts). 
  • Disable / Enable Login: Prevent the user from logging in / Allow the user to log in. 
  • Delete Account: Permanently delete the user's account. 


The Actions menu is not available in the Email Account view.