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The "Update Profile" screen should contain all the user's personal data, and especially personally identifiable information (PII) such as first name, last name, email address, home address etc., and any other information they have entered throughout their site journey. You can customize the screen to reflect to the user that the preference center is their place to manage their own data, and take the opportunity to increase transparency and trust. 
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The "Privacy" screen should reflect to users:

  • The terms of service and privacy policy to which they consented when registering to your site (displayed via consent widgets). 
  • Any other consent statement, if your site includes such statements (displayed via consent widgets). 
  • If you offer a non-mandatory consent statement, you should include a checkbox that is mapped to that statement, to provide users the option to withdraw consent that they gave, or to agree to a statement that they have previously not agreed to. 

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For more information, see Consent Management.


This screen is where users view their communication preferences, and subscribe to or unsubscribe from newsletters, notifications, and other communication channels. 

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For more information, see Communication Preferences.