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  1. Go to the Screen-Sets page in Gigya's Console. 

  2. Open the relevant screen-set in the UI Builder (e.g. the Default-RegistrationLogin screen-set, that contains both the Registration and the Complete Registration screens). 

  3. Select the screen from the list of screens on the left. 

  4. If the screen you are editing contains the default "terms of use" checkbox, delete or edit that checkbox so that it will not be mapped to data.terms. You can see the field to which a checkbox is mapped, under Mapped Field in the Properties pane on the right-hand side. 

  5. Under Controls, drag a checkbox into the canvas. Under Properties
    1. Open the Mapped Field dropdown and scroll down to the Preferences namespace. 
    2. Locate the relevant consent statement, and map the checkbox to the isConsentGranted field: 
    3. Still under Properties, revise the label as neccesarynecessary


      If you are using Consent Templates, and you have configured at least one locale, you can use a placeholder to automatically display the Purpose in the user's locale, if a template exists. To use the placeholder, in the Label field of the checkbox's Properties enter the following, where the terms.sampleConsentTerms is the name of your consent item.

      Code Block

      Or, if you want to place a link to the consent statement, you can use the following sample. If you are not using the UI Builder, add a "data-binding" attribute set to "true". This is added automatically when using the UI Builder:

      Code Block
      <a target="_blank" data-binding="true" href="{{schema.preferencesSchema.fields['terms.sampleConsentTerms'].legalStatements[screenset.lang].documentUrl }}">click to view</a>
    4. Before you save your changes, make sure the Checked by Default drop-down is set to No. Otherwise, you may risk a breach of regulatory compliance. 
    5. Save your changes. 
    6. Repeat the process for the Registration Completion screen and any other screens you require consent from the user.