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  1. In Gigya's Console, open the Screen-Sets page
  2. Click the name of the relevant RegistrationLogin screen-set collection to open it in the UI Builder. 
  3. Under Screens, select the Registration screen. 
  4. Find the CAPTCHA widget in the Widgets menu on the left-hand side, and drag it into the canvas. 

  5. With the CAPTCHA widget still selected, on the right hand side of the UI Builder, you can configure the widget settings. For Google's reCAPTCHA, these are the available settings: 
    • Badge: Select the position of the reCAPTCHA badge in the screen.  
    • Type: The type of challenge that will be presented to the user, whether image or audio. In any case, the user can choose to switch to the other type.
  6. You can preview the result by clicking Preview in the top right corner, and simulate a login process (when configuring Google reCAPTCHA, make sure you add to the list of domains, as noted above) . When using Google, the reCAPTCHA badge should in the preview canvas in the selected position. The CAPTCHA challenge will be triggered in preview mode according to the usual risk analysis calculation. 

    ReCAPTCHA badge in the bottom right corner in the UI Builder's preview mode

    FunCaptcha challenge in the UI Builder's preview mode



    If you did not add to the list of sites in the reCAPTCHA Google settings, the badge will display the following error in preview mode:

CAPTCHA in Multi-Site Settings

In a multi-site setting, CAPTCHA credentials need to be configured individually per site. 

The CAPTCHA policy is inherited by default from the parent sites. However, child sites may override this policy configuration. 


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