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  • Out-of-the-box lite registration screens that can be highly customized using Gigya’s UI Builder.
  • Clear opt-in and opt-out flows for complying with privacy regulations.
  • Improved quality of data: data is not lost when users convert from lite registrations to fully registered accounts.
  • Increased user satisfaction as all user data is saved from the get-go, no need to refill forms that have already been filled in, preferences and identity are saved and can be used to show users the content in which they are interested.
  • Drives higher user acquisition rates with screens that combine compelling offers and low-barrier opt-ins.
  • Full support for exporting and importing subscriber data to third-party platforms, such as Email Service Providers (ESPs), either with IdentitySync (Gigya’s ETL service) or using
  • Support for giving lite users full control of their data, using the Lite Preferences Center.

Instructional Video

If you have an SAP logon, you can watch a video about Lite Registration, here.