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Gigya's Schema is an integral part of our Registration-as-a-Service Customer Identity (RaaS) platform which allows you to add and access up to 1000 (one-thousand) additional custom fields beyond the default Profile object for each of your sites (API keys). If you are using Gigya's Data Store, you may also edit its schema using the Schema Editor. The editor gives you an un-paralleled ability to customize, not only the information you store for each user, but the unique experience every user has when visiting your site.



Important notes:

  • Once a field is saved to the schema using the Schema Editor, it can not be deleted using accounts.setSchema. Using accounts.setSchema, it is only possible to delete fields that data has never been saved to (even if said data has been deleted) and it has not had a type defined (creating a field using the Schema Editor always assigns a  type). If you think there is a scenario where you may not use a field and would like the ability to delete it and create another field with the same name, use accounts.setSchema to create the field without setting it's type. Once a field is created using the Schema Editor, it can only be removed via the Schema Editor or using the accounts.deleteSchemaFields API and you can not create a new field using the same name.
  • Once you set a field to encrypted, you cannot reverse that definition.
  • Not all the above properties are available for all field types. For example, for subscription fields, you can only choose whether they are required or not.