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  • Support for Silverpop: New scripts for reading from and writing to Silverpop, including dataflow examples. See Script Repository here and here, and inbound and outbound flows. 
  • Support for writing to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Exacttarget). See Script Repository and outbound Dataflow.
  • New maxFileSize parameter added to file.format.dsv and file.format.json, used to split the output files into multiple files of smaller size. 
  • New updatePolicy added to datasource.write.gigya.account for defining how to handle existing values in Gigya's database - whether to override them, or append to existing values.
  • New formatting parameters added to file.format.krux: quoteFields and separator.
  • New scripts and dataflow templates for integration with Campaign Monitor. See outbound and inbound dataflows, and the Script Component Repository

March 2017

  • Support for Constant Contact: New scripts for reading from and writing to Constant Contact, including dataflow examples. See Script Repository, here and here
  • New generic script that can call any of Gigya's APIs, including those that write data to a Gigya databasedatasource.write.gigya.generic.
  • New status parameter added to
  • New datasource.write.exacttarget script for writing subscriber data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Exacttarget).


  • Email notifications sent at the end of the dataflow execution now also includes the site ID. 
  • Support for Marketo inbound and outbound flows. See templates, Marketo Dataflow - Inbound and Marketo Dataflow - Outbound, and Script Component Repository
  • New dataflow template for Game Mechanics lookup: Game Mechanics Dataflow
  • Bug fix: On export flow that includes PGP encryption and running on large amount of accounts, the job failed with heartbeat error.
  • Improved export performance to support parallel search.
  • New parameter maxConcurrency for improving performance of parallel search added to and scripts. See Script Component Repository.
  • New parameter from added to for specifying the data source. See Script Component Repository.
  • Bug fix: PGP decryption failed when trying to decrypt compressed file.
  • Console enhancement: Added support for job history and job details. 


October 2016

  • New scripts in the Script Component Repository for reading and writing to Azure Blob cloud storage using shared access signature (SAS). 
  • Full dataflow sample for writing data to Azure Blob cloud storage using SAS, here: Azure SAS Dataflow
  • Bug fix: Corrected the format for likes in the Krux Dataflow when using file.format.krux.
  • New maxRetry parameter in datasource.write.mailchimp sets the maximum number of retry attempts before the job fails. The default is 30. 

September 2016

  • New scripts in the Script Component Repository for reading and writing to Mailchimp.
  • The field.array.extract script supports new types of arrays.
  • Bug fix: When refreshing worker sites, the admin domain is used. 
  • New script: for retrieving audit log items using an SQL-like WHERE clause.
  • New sortBy and sortOrder parameters added to and to, for sorting the files by a selected field (e.g. time). 
  • Developer custom scripts: Developers who have the _idx_script_developers permission can write custom IDX scripts in JS and add them to the Script Component Repository. To get this permission, open a Salesforce case.


  • New fileName parameter replaces the filePrefix, fileDateFormat and fileExtension parameters, for a more flexible formatting of file names. See the relevant file formatting scripts in the Script Component Repository.

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An outline of the changes made to the Gigya ETL Service.