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Sitefinity-Related Troubleshooting

  • Turn on Debug mode in the settings page and check the debug logs. Also, check Sitefinity's error log. Logs can be found in ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Logs.
  • To check if the GConnector is installed, open the browser developer tools. In the console, run gigyaSitefinity. If an error is displayed, the connector is not installed. 
  • If you are experiencing login issues, open the browser developer tools. In the network tab, check the response to the login request. This should start with /api/gigya/account and the expected response code is 200. If this is the case, the login issue is unrelated to Gigya. 
  • Turn on Debug mode in the settings page and check the debug logs. Also, check Sitefinity's error log. Logs can be found in ~/App_Data/Sitefinity/Logs.
  • If the login button widget isn’t rendering, check that Enable RaaS has been set to true on the settings page for the current site (or global settings if they are inherited).
  • If there is a "gigyaSitefinity is undefined" JavaScript error, make sure the Gigya settings widget has been added to the page or template in Sitefinity or directly to the layout page in code.
  • If the Login/Logout buttons aren’t working, check that you haven’t overridden the Connector views and changed some of the button id’s.
  • If a Gigya field is not being saved to Sitefinity, check the field mappings on the settings page. Make sure the names are correct and they are the same type e.g. don’t try to map a Gigya field that’s a string to a Sitefinity int. If this is attempted and debug mode is enabled, it will be logged.
  • Use gigyaSitefinity.authenticated to check if the user session is active in Sitefinity.
  • If changes in configuration don't show up in Sitefinity, restart the app pool. If you are running the system locally, do this by compiling the code. 
  • To check which template a page is using, open the page in Sitefinity and click on the Layout tab.
  • Make sure that all the details in the Gigya Settings page are correct. 
  • Ensure that there are no firewall rules preventing access to and from Gigya's servers. 
  • If you are using load balancing, ensure that you have followed Sitefinity's load balancing guide. If Sitefinity is not correctly configured for load balancing, you will see issues where a user appears logged into one server, but are logged out after the request hits the other server. 
  • In a load balanced setup, double-check to make sure you comply with the configure security Sitefinity guidelines.