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  1. Ensure that all currently used subdomains are listed in the Trusted Site URLs section of the Site (API Key) the certificate will be created on.
  2. Determine the Prefix they want to use for all of the subdomains defined in step 1, above, e.g., if thee subdomains are, and; you will need to know the prefix they wish to use, i.e., <prefix>, <prefix>, and <prefix>
  3. Create CNAME records for all of the new proxy URLs using the agreed upon prefix, pointing to the sslproxy that is located on the Generate New Certificate page within the Gigya Console and will resemble <siteID> This must be completed prior to continuing.


    Your Site ID can be located next to the Site's name in the main page of the Gigya Console.Image Added


Certificate Provisioning In The Gigya Console