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photoBytesstringA BASE64 encoded string representation of the photo bytes. The size limit of the photo is 3MB6MB, and the supported image types are png, jpeg, and gif.
publishBooleanIndicates whether to publish this photo to the user's profile or treat it as a temporary photo. The default value is 'false', i.e. the photo is temporary. You can later publish a temporary photo using the accounts.publishProfilePhoto API method. If published, the photo is saved in the photoURL field of the user's Profile, in addition the photo is trimmed to the size defined in the site's Policies (64X64 by default) and saved in the thumbnailURL field.
callbackfunctionA reference to a callback function. Gigya calls the specified function along with the results of the API method when the API method completes.
The callback function should be defined with the following signature: functionName(response).