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  1. Template IDX Age Mapping

    Do not include the Gigya profile.age field in the field mapping for inbound jobs. This is a calculated field and the ESP service cannot update it directly with data from the partner platform. Mapping this field may cause problems when running inbound jobs.
    Gigya DocumentationMar 08, 2016
  2. Template IDX Demandware Navigation

    Setup steps: 1. Import and Install the Gigya Cartridge » 2. Set Your Gigya Site Preferences » 3. Integrate the Gigya Modules into Your Site Back to Gigya Cartridge for Demandware documentation
    Gigya DocumentationMar 08, 2016
  3. Template IDX Where Datacenter Is

    Where <DataCenterID> is: us1 For the US data center eu1 For the European data center au1 For the Australian data center ru1 For the Russian data center
    Gigya DocumentationJul 03, 2016
  4. Template IDX ETL Intro

    For an introduction to IdentitySync, read the IdentitySync guide.
    Gigya DocumentationMar 07, 2017
  5. Template IDX Deprecated

    This is an internal backup of a document that has been removed from the public wiki. The information here is probably out of date.
    Gigya DocumentationJul 12, 2016
  6. Template IDX Shared CSS

    <style> / IMAGES / .confluenceembeddedimage / MACROS / div.confluenceinformationmacronote div.problem div.confluenceinformationmacrotip / STYLING OF TABLES / thead, th, thead th th, thead, thead td, thead th .smalltext, table.smalltext, table.smalltext th, table.smalltext td, table.smalltext td p, table.smalltext td st
    Gigya DocumentationMar 07, 2017
  7. Template IDX Inbound update only

    Inbound flows update existing users on the Gigya database. If your implementation allows the creation of new users on the ESP regardless of whether they exist on Gigya, you should contact your Account Manager CS Title Excerpt Template to assist in supporting this. template inbound update only
    Gigya DocumentationMay 17, 2018
  8. Template IDX note_ testing Kevy

    Please create a test site in the Gigya admin console for integration testing (don't use your production site) and use a test list on the target integration platform. Use the "Pause" button in Kevy to restrict the amount of data synced. nexus note testing kevy
    Gigya DocumentationMar 08, 2016
  9. Template IDX ESP data params

    Parameters for Data Configuration Required Name Type Description esp.replyemail string Destination email for notification of errors. esp.sync.verifiedOnly boolean Include verified users only. esp.sync.isRegistered boolean Include only registered users. esp data params
    Gigya DocumentationMar 08, 2016
  10. Template IDX ESP filter params

    Parameter for Data Filtering Required Name Type Description ae.filterClause string An SQLlike query specifying the data to retrieve from Gigya on outbound data transfers. Refer to the filter criteria in the Identity Query Tool. esp filter param
    Gigya DocumentationMar 08, 2016