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Hides all the Gigya plugins that are displayed as popups (dialogs).

This is in particular important for AJAX pages, which "navigate" to another page in consequence of the user causing a popup to open (e.g. by clicking the 'edit' link on a Connect plugin).




Note: This method does not hide plugins that are embedded inside the application. A plugin is embedded inside the application if the containerID (for JS) or container (for AS3) parameter is passed to the plugins' method calls. In such cases you may hide the plugin by erasing the content of the specified container object.

A reference to a callback function. Gigya calls the specified function along with the results of the API method when the API method completes.
The callback function should be defined with the following signature: functionName(Response).
The "Response Object Data Members" table below provides specification of the data that is passed to the callback function.


Response Object Data Members


errorCode integer The result code of the operation. Code '0' indicates success, any other number indicates failure. For a complete list of error codes, see the Response Codes and Errors table.
errorMessage string A short textual description of an error associated with the errorCode for logging purposes.
callId string Unique identifier of the transaction, for debugging purposes.
context object The context object passed by the application as a parameter to the API method, or null if no context object has been passed.