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A JSON object representing an audio, video or picture object which is embedded in a comment.  Must be enabled in the Comments Settings of the Gigya Console.

Field NameTypeDescription
typestringThe content type - may be "video", "image" or "audio".
urlstringThe item's URL.
providerstringProvider name in lowercase.
titlestringThe title given to the media item.
descriptionstringThe description given to the media item.
htmlstringAutoplay address.
Width of the item in pixels.
heightintHeight of the item in pixels.
thumbnailURLstringURL of the item's thumbnail.
thumbnailWidthintWidth in pixels of the item's thumbnail.
thumbnailHeightintHeight in pixels of the item's thumbnail.
providerIconURLstringURL of the item's provider.

Note: A field that does not contain data, will not appear in the object.


Example Object

"title":"BIG GAME",
"description":"Bobo, a lonely monster, is set to spend yet another birthday alone.",
"html":"<iframe src=\"\" width=\"640\" height=\"360\" border=\"0\" scrolling=\"no\" frameborder=\"0\"></iframe>",