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comments.setModerators REST

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This API sets a new comments moderator or updates an existing one.

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moderatorsarray of JSON objects

The moderators array requires providing the username and categories parameters as well as a password if it is a new moderator. The JSON object for each moderator includes the following propertied:

  • username (string) required - Each moderator must have a unique username, otherwise, an existing moderator with the specified username will be updated and overwritten.
  • categories (string/array) required - A comma separated list or JSON array of the categories to give the moderator control. Default is null - the user can not manage any categories.
    • "*" or ["*"] - Manage all site categories.
    • "" or null - No permissions to moderate any categories.
    • "category one, category two, etc." or ["category one", "category two", "etc."] - Manage the specified categories only.
  • password (string) optional when updating an existing moderator - If this parameter is not provided (default is null), the users current password will remain unchanged. *If this is a new moderator, the password parameter is required.

Sample Requests

The following will add the new moderator with password someRandomPassword and grant the user privileges to moderate the Awesome Stuff category.


Sample Response

  "statusCode": 200,
  "errorCode": 0,
  "statusReason": "OK",
  "callId": "3bcd849adc5d45a8b6396fca3ac9e2ad",
  "time": "2015-07-05T16:06:37.197Z"


Response Data

errorCode integer The result code of the operation. Code '0' indicates success, any other number indicates failure. For a complete list of error codes, see the Error Codes table.
errorMessage string A short textual description of an error, associated with the errorCode, for logging purposes. This field will appear in the response only in case of an error.
errorDetails string This field will appear in the response only in case of an error and will contain the exception info, if available.
fullEventName string The full name of the event that triggered the response. This is an internally used parameter that is not always returned and should not be relied upon by your implementation.
callId string Unique identifier of the transaction, for debugging purposes.
time string The time of the response represented in ISO 8601 format, i.e., yyyy-mm-dd-Thh:MM:ss.SSSZ or
statusCode integer The HTTP response code of the operation. Code '200' indicates success.
This property is deprecated and only returned for backward compatibility.
statusReason string A brief explanation of the status code.
This property is deprecated and only returned for backward compatibility.


A field that does not contain data will not appear in the response.

More Information

For additional information on modifying moderators see the following:





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