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This method is used to resend a validation email to unverified addresses associated with the account. The email format is according to the templates defined in the policy. For more information on the email format, please refer to account.setPolicies or to the Email Templates section of the User Management Policies guide.

Note: If you plan on integrating Gigya's Accounts API, we highly recommend reading the Registration-as-a-Service Guide. Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a premium platform that requires separate activation. If RaaS is not part of your site package, please contact Gigya by filling in a support form through the Console. You can access the support page by clicking Support on the upper menu after logging into the Gigya Console.






regTokenstringThe regToken returned from accounts.initRegistrationaccounts.register or accounts.login API calls when the registration process has not been finalized. *Please note that the regToken you receive from Gigya is valid for only one hour.
emailstringThe email address to which to send a verification email. If specified the verification email will only be sent to this address, otherwise it will be sent to all unverified email addresses. If this email address is not associated with the account already it will be automatically added as another unverified email address and a verification email will be sent to that address. If loginIdentifiers in the policy (accounts.setPolicies) contains "email" then this email will also be added as an unlocked login identifier.


Code Sample

<script type="text/javascript">

var verificationParams = {
regToken: <token_from_registration_process>,
email: ""