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Gigya's integration with the Zendesk helpdesk ticketing service allows the use of social login for support purposes, simplifying and improving the users' service experience while providing you with enhanced user information.

Solution Overview

Zendesk supports Gigya's social sign-on. Implementation of this requires you to add an HTML page to your website and a number of PHP files to your server. Once you have set these files up and configured Zendesk, no further action is required and all operations are handled automatically.

The files you require are available for download:

See the detailed instructions below.


Please create a test site in the Gigya admin console for integration testing (don't use your production site) and use a test list on the target integration platform. We are able to put integrations in "sample mode" for testing, which will restrict audiences to 10 sample accounts.

Implementation Instructions

  1. Download zensso.html and place it in a publicly accessible folder in your website.
  2. Sign in to Zendesk.
  3. Click on the Zendesk Settings (the gear icon on the bottom left of the screen).
  4. Page down to "SETTINGS" and click on "Security".
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  5. In the "Admins & Agents"  tab, select "Single sign-on" and then select "JSON Web Token".
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  6. In "Remote login URL" enter the path to zensso.html at your site, then copy the "Shared secret".
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  7. Click the "Save" button.
  8. Click the "Help Center" icon on the left and set up your Help Center.
  9. Open the Gigya Console at to find the necessary Gigya information:
    • The API key of your site appears next to it in the dashboard.
    • Click on the "Show Secret Key" link at the bottom of the Sites section to find your Secret Key..
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  10. Open the HTML file zensso.html and enter the Gigya API key in line 7.
  11. Download and extract its contents to your internet server. Extraction should place GSSDK.php and zenssologin.php in the same folder and create a folder called Authentication within that folder, containing JWT.php
  12. Open zenssologin.php and edit the following:
    • Enter the Gigya API key  ($gigApi - line 11) and secret ($secret - line 12) in the PHP script.
    • Enter the Zendesk shared secret ($key - line 43) in the PHP script.
    • Enter the name of your Zendesk subdomain ($subdomain - line 44) in the PHP script (the word that replaces "www" in the Zendesk URL).
    • Enter the path of the Zendesk page to which the user should be directed after they successfully login ($return_url - line 46).