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Whitelisting Gigya IP Addresses

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In certain cases you may need to whitelist Gigya IP addresses. This page contains all relevant IP addresses.

You should, whenever possible, make API calls to the actual gigya domain Data center, i.e., domain (or for EU clients), rather than whitelisting specific IP addresses. When using these domains our service is accelerated by distributing it through a Content Delivery Network (CDN), Akamai. Requests made to Akamai are often returned faster and from a geographically proximal location. Therefore, whenever possible, you should make API requests to namespace.<datacenter>.

When using any of our SDKs all requests will be properly routed through our Akamai CDN.


Public IP List Per Data Center


Server Type / Data CenterAU1EU1US1RU1CN1

Gigya Mail Relay - Internal Only!
Load Balancers

Public Mail - Internal Only!


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