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Certain browsers have difficulty displaying the HTML5 videos contained within Gigya Documentation.

This page outlines a few of the easiest solutions to enable video rendering.

Specific Browsers


Google Chrome does not have any known issues rendering the HTML5 video tags used with Gigya Documentation. If you experience issues viewing the embedded videos, please check your security settings.

When possible, if you are having persistent issues with any other browsers, please try to view the page using Chrome whenever possible.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has several issues rendering HTML5 videos.

Firefox only supports HTML5 video tags as of Firefox v21+. If you are using an older version, please update your browser.

If you have pop-ups turned off, you may need to allow pop-ups for Gigya Documentation.

Firefox may require a 3rd party plugin to render HTML5 videos. If you are still having issues after updating and/or allowing pop-ups, please ensure that you have a suitable plugin, such as the VLC Mozilla Plugin.

Internet Explorer 10+

To render HTML5 videos in Internet Explorer you must have Apple Quicktime installed on your system and then you must install the Quicktime Plugin For IE when prompted.







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