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Using the Russian Data Center

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Gigya maintains a primary Russian data center physically located inside the Russian Federation, to assist customers in complying with Russian data localization laws that took effect on September 1st, 2015. The hardware and infrastructure of this Russian data center are wholly owned and operated by Gigya and are completely independent of any other Gigya data centers, enabling the complete isolation of Russian citizen user data.

There are certain questions that may arise when using the Russian data center. This document answers some of the most common of these questions.

For additional information on our Russian data center, see this link.



Who Should Use The Russian Data Center

Any organization that deals directly or purposefully with citizens of the Russian Federation, or operates a website with a Russian TLD (i.e., .ru, .moscow, etc. (or their Cyrillic representations)). If you are unsure whether you are required to keep user data inside Russian borders, see this link for an English translation of the law.


Can I Configure A Site In My Existing Gigya Console To Point To The Russian Data Center

For security reasons, the Russian data center will require sites to be configured only under a dedicated Russian Console account, unlike our other data centers.

Administrators must log in via the URL of the Russian data center to configure any sites and view user data stored within the Russian data center.


How Do I Access The Russian Data Center

Gigya's Russian data center is a premium service offering. To enable the Russian data center for your account, please contact your Account Manager, or fill out a case in the Customer Portal.


Accessing The Russian Data Center

Once you've been approved to use the Russian data center, you will only be able to access and configure your sites hosted in the data center by logging into the Russian Data Center Console. This will require a username and password different from your current console credentials, and can only be accessed via the specific URL



How Do I Make Web SDK Calls Using The Russian Data Center

You must use an API Key generated from within the Russian data center's Console at When delivering content to users whose data is to be kept in the Russian data center, you must load all pages using the gigya.js Web SDK with this API key, and reference the ru1 data center (example below). Once the correct version of the Gigya Web SDK is loaded, you make all requests just like using any other Gigya data center.

<!-- Using http -->
<script src="<Your_API_Key>"></script>
<!-- Using https -->
<script src="<Your_API_Key>"></script>



How Do I Make REST API Calls Using The Russian Data Center

When making any REST API calls, you must use the Request URI for the ru1 data center and include the API key and secret of your site in the Russian Data Center Dashboard (as well as any other required parameters). Aside from ensuring that the URI of all requests contain the correct data center designation, everything else functions identically to all other Gigya REST requests.

Example Request URL


Using Gigya's server-side SDKs

If you use one of our SDKs to make REST calls, use the setAPIDomain method of the SDK to set the data center to ru1.

For example, if you're using our PHP SDK:

/* Set up parameters, such as API key, secret key, etc. */
$request = new GSRequest($apiKey, $secret, $method);
/* Make sure this request uses the Russian data center */


Can I view User Data And Reports For Users Stored In The Russian Data Center From My US, EU, or AU Gigya Dashboard

Gigya's Russian data center is a completely independent data center physically located in the Russian Federation using its own hardware and infrastructure. The only way to view user data stored within the Russian data center is by logging into the ru1 Gigya Console at


Will My Existing Social Network Apps Work With The Russian Data Center

Your existing apps will work with the Russian data center providing that you:

  • Add the ru1 data center's OAuth URL (or the alias you configured as a CName ) to your existing apps settings at the social network.

    Facebook Login Settings Example

  • Use the existing app's Application key and secret when configuring the app within the Provider Configurations page of the Russian data center's Gigya Dashboard.


Alternatively, you may create separate apps for use with the Russian data center.


Do I Need To Notify The Russian Government When I Start To Store Data Within The Russian Federation

Yes, your Account Manager can assist you in filing the proper paperwork to notify the Russian Government where it relates to Gigya services.

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Can Gigya Assist Me In Migrating Existing User Data To The Russian Data Center

Yes, Gigya can assist you in migrating any existing user data that needs to be stored in the Russian data center. Your Account Manager can discuss this service with you when setting up your Russian Console account.


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