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Template_gs api common UI parameters

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containerID string An ID of a <DIV> element on the page in which you want to display the plugin.
If this parameter is not provided then the plugin will be displayed as a popup at the center of the page. Please refer to Dialog or Embedded section for extended explanation.
width integer Determines the width you desire for the plugin.
height integer Determines the height you desire for the plugin.
captionText string Sets the caption text. This parameter is relevant only when the plugin is in a popup mode (i.e., if the containerID/container parameter is not provided). If the plugin is embedded in the page then the caption is not presented.
context object A reference to a developer created object that will be passed back unchanged to the event handlers of any event triggered as a consequence of using this plugin. The context object will be passed as one of the fields of the eventObj received by the event handler (see extended explanation in the Plugin Events and in the Global Event Triggered sections below).