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Template_gs REST api enabledProviders parameter description

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If you do not set this parameter, by default the following providers are enabled: facebook, twitter, yahoo, linkedIn, messenger, google+, foursquare, vkontakte, renren, qq, sina, instagram, aol, blogger, wordpress.

In addition the following providers are supported and may be added explicitly: netlog, orangefrance, mixi, livedoor, paypal, paypaloauth, amazon, xing.

You may use the '*' sign as an indication to include all the default providers.

For example:

  • If you would like the API methods to apply to PayPalOAuth in addition to all the default providers, define: enabledProviders="*,paypaloauth".

If you would like the API methods to apply only to Facebook and Twitter, define: enabledProviders="facebook,twitter".

Note: This method applies to only connected providers.