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TagMan’s platform enables websites to quickly and easily add and edit tags/pixels without touching hardcode or tying up IT resources and time. TagMan also provides an attribution/data solution, which provides a complete full-funnel view of customer path to conversion data enabling us to prove the value of your offering at different points in buyer journeys. TagMan has partnered with Gigya to make it simple to deploy your tags on any website that uses Gigya.


Implement: Implementation is easy and can be completed within minutes. No resources required from you or your clients.

Test: It's easy to test new tags, so you can try as many as you like.

Optimize: TagMan works directly with vendor partners to optimize the firing of your tags and immediately identify and correct any errors.

Perform: The universal container tag enables ALL tags that fire from within it to load asynchronously and at the top of the page. This improves the quality, accuracy and performance of your data and/or tag functionality.

Prove: TagMan's LEAP platform proves the value of your tag to clients with full path to conversion, not just "last click".

Expose: Your tag sits in TagMan's tag library where all current clients can scroll through or sort by category and see what tags are available to them quickly and easily . 


The Gigya integration has been implemented by TagMan.

For technical questions, please contact TagMan directly.