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Supported Browsers

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All current browsers supported by our client-side SDKs. Please note that there is no official support for using SAP Customer Data Cloud with in-app browsers. 




Google Chrome *Current version on both Windows and Mac.Current version on Android and Google Chrome for IOS.
Internet Explorer **Version 11 on Windows.

Latest version on Windows Mobile.

The Customer Data Cloud Console and Developer's Guide do not support using Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge **From Version 10.Windows Phone 10.
Mozilla FireFox *Current version on both Windows and Mac.Current version on iOS.
Safari *Current version, not including the last 2 patches.Latest version, not including the last 2 patches.
Android BrowserNot applicable.

From API version 10 on Android (Gingerbread 2.3.3)*.

* Excluding Android 4.0-4.3 native browser

* Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox are evergreen browsers that are automatically updated to the latest stable version. 

** Due to issues in Internet Explorer, the user must have Flash enabled to perform social network login using these versions of the browser.

When a browser has 3rd party cookies blocked, Gigya services may not function properly. Therefore, it is necessary to implement an API domain prefix in all cases.


Cookie Requirements

All browsers must have cookies enabled for SAP Customer Data Cloud services to function properly. In order to avoid any third-party cookie compatibility issues, you must define a domain alias (CNAME) for SAP Customer Data Cloud's API calls to pass through (API domain prefix). This is also useful as some providers require callbacks to be sent to a domain on the client website. See Blocked Third-Party Cookies for more information.

To enable an API Domain Prefix for your site(s), open a support incident or your Implementation Consultant.

See also Defining a Session Expiration Cookie.


Browsers That Support Gigya SSO / SAML

BrowserCookie SettingsSupported
ChromeAlways Allow
Firefox*Always Allow
FirefoxAllow from websites I visit
Internet Explorer 11Always Allow
EdgeAlways Allow
Safari 6Always AllowNot Tested
Safari 6Allow from websites I visitNot Tested
Safari 7Always Allow
Safari 9Always Allow
Safari 9Allow from websites I visit
Safari 10Always Allow
Safari 11Always Allow
* using centralized login domain architecture
Safari on iOS 7Always Allow
Safari on iOS 8**Always Allow
Safari on iOS 8Allow from websites I visit
Safari on iOS 9Always Allow
Safari on iOS 9Allow from websites I visit
Safari on iOS 10Always Allow
Safari on iOS 10Allow from websites I visit
Android Native Browser (except Android 4.4***)Always Allow

*  Users are not shown as Logged In when using Firefox on Microsoft Windows.

** Only using Site accounts, login via social networks is not supported using Safari on iOS 8.

*** SSO is not supported using Android Native Browser for Android 4.4.

SSO is not supported in browsers configured to block 3rd Party Cookies from All sites.

SSO is not supported when a browser is using Incognito/Private browsing mode.

SSO requires using enableSSOToken/setSSOToken in all cases.

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