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Social Engagement Deprecation

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At the end of January 2021, SAP Customer Data Cloud will be deprecating social engagement features and services. This document outlines that deprecation, covers some of the questions you may have and provides clarity as to your course of action over the next year.

The following features are being deprecated:

  • Loyalty (Gamification / Game Mechanics)
  • Comments / Ratings and Reviews 
  • Signals 
  • All Engagement add-ons

    Social Login is not being deprecated and is a core component of our Customer Identity offering

Why are these features being deprecated?

We, at SAP Customer Data Cloud, have decided to focus our efforts and resources on enhancing solutions for which there is higher demand and that are most heavily used by our customers, to provide you with better value and a more cohesive offering. We realize that this decision may be hard for our customers who are using our social products and understand that you may start looking elsewhere for a different vendor who can provide these capabilities. However, we firmly believe this move allows us to provide better solutions for our core products and features.


What will still be supported?

We continue to focus on our core offering of the following solutions, and any future solutions:


What will happen after 31st of January 2021?

After the 31st of January 2021 all customer data for the deprecated features will be removed. Those deprecated endpoints will then return an appropriate error message when called. Console menus for the deprecated features will be removed along with any pre-built IdentitySync connectors and Comment Webhooks along with the Comments Moderation Console.

After the 31st of January:

  • All customer data for the deprecated features will be deleted.
  • Deprecated endpoints will return an error message when called (see list below).
  • Console items will be removed:
    • Game Mechanics Menu and Sub Menus
    • Comments Menu and Sub Menus
    • Signals menu item
    • IdentitySync components for GM or Comments
    • Comment Webhooks
    • Comments moderation console
    • Identity Access Loyalty tab and ‘Reset Sharing Settings’ action
    • Reports:
      • Comments report
      • “Social Activity” filters for Customer Insights


Which Features will be deprecated?

The following API endpoints will be deprecated:

Game Mechanics

All 'gm' endpoints: 

  • gm.deleteAction  
  • gm.deleteChallenge  
  • gm.deleteChallengeVariant  
  • gm.getActionConfig  
  • gm.getActionsLog  
  • gm.getChallengeConfig  
  • gm.getChallengeStatus  
  • gm.getChallengeVariants  
  • gm.getGlobalConfig  
  • gm.getTopMonthlyUsers  
  • gm.getTopUsers  
  • gm.importConfig  
  • gm.notifyAction  
  • gm.redeemPoints  
  • gm.resetLevelStatus  
  • gm.setActionConfig  
  • gm.setChallengeConfig  
  • gm.setGlobalConfig  
  • All gm plugins 
  • gm.showAchievementsUI 
  • gm.showChallengeStatusUI   
  • gm.showUserStatusUI   
  • gm.showLeaderboardUI   
  • gm.showNotifications 


All comments endpoints 

  • comments.analyzeMediaItem  
  • comments.deleteComment  
  • comments.deleteModerators  
  • comments.flagComment  
  • comments.getCategories  
  • comments.getCategoryInfo  
  • comments.getCommentCounts  
  • comments.getComments  
  • comments.getFriendsComments  
  • comments.getModerators  
  • comments.getRelatedUsers  
  • comments.getStreamInfo  
  • comments.getThread  
  • comments.getTopRatedStreams  
  • comments.getTopStreams  
  • comments.getUserComments  
  • comments.getUserHighlighting  
  • comments.getUserOptions  
  • comments.highlightUser  
  • comments.moveComments  
  • comments.multiPostComment  
  • comments.multiSetStreamInfo  
  • comments.postComment  
  • comments.rollbackImport  
  • comments.setCategoryInfo  
  • comments.setModerators  
  • comments.setStreamInfo  
  • comments.setUserOptions  
  • comments.subscribe  
  • comments.unsubscribe  
  • comments.updateComment  
  • admin.setRestrictions 

All comments plugins 

  • comments.showCommentsUI 
  • comments.showRatingUI 

Comments moderation console 


Signals related endpoints 

  • accounts.incrementCounters 
  • accounts.registerCounters 
  • accounts.unregisterCounters 
  • accounts.getCounters 
  • accounts.getRegisteredCounters 


  • "actionsCounterPath" parameter 

Search API 

  • "WITH counters" statement 

Accounts object 

  • "counters" section 

Social Engagement 


  • socialize.getFriendsInfo
  • socialize.getReactionsCount 
  • socialize.getTopShares 
  • socialize.getUserSettings 
  • socialize.incrementReactionsCount 
  • socialize.publishUserAction 
  • socialize.sendEmail 
  • socialize.setStatus 
  • socialize.setUserSettings 
  • socialize.shortenURL 

WebSDK plugins 

  • socialize.showReactionsBarUI  
  • socialize.showShareBarUI  
  • socialize.showShareUI


We have previously announced the deprecation of socialize.showAddConnectionsUI and socialize.showEditConnectionsUI. However, they are not being deprecated.



What does this mean for customers using these capabilities?

You will have 12 months to migrate from our platform to other platforms and export their data. Come the end of 2020 we will be turning these features off.


Until when will I be able to access my data?

You will have full access to your data until the end of January 2021. You will need to export any data you wish to retain or migrate before the 31st of January 2021. Any data that persists after this time will be deleted and will no longer be accessible.


How can I export my data?

You can export your Comments/R&R and Loyalty data via IdentitySync or REST APIs. The following guides are available for these processes:


How will SAP Customer Data Cloud support me during the deprecation period?

SAP Customer Data Cloud will provide ongoing support during the deprecation period. If you encounter any technical issues you should first contact Support. If you have any questions or concerns about the deprecation you should contact your Customer Engagement Executive. If you haven't been allocated a Customer Engagement Executive, reach out direct to Note that this address is only related to concerns with the above-mentioned deprecations.


What does this mean for renewals?

If your contract contains specific line items for Loyalty / Gamification, Comments, Ratings & Reviews, Signals or Social Engagement features, these items will not be eligible for renewal beyond December 31, 2020.


Can you suggest any alternatives for the deprecated features?

SAP Customer Data Cloud has identified a number of SAP Partners that provide similar features to the products we are deprecating.
Overview and contact information for these solutions can be found on our SAP App Center. If you would like to discuss these SAP Partner solutions with someone from SAP Customer Data Cloud, please contact your Customer Engagement Executive.   If you do not have a Customer Engagement Executive, please send an email to

  • Annex Cloud:  offer Loyalty, Comments and Ratings & Reviews products
  • Bazaarvoice: offer a Ratings & Reviews product














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