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Gigya offers you the option to manage a custom blacklist of words and phrases to be filtered in comments and reviews.  In addition you can block IP addresses, so that comments and reviews posted from these blocked IPs will be filtered and not be displayed.

To manage the site restrictions:

  • Please go to and if you are not signed in to Gigya, sign in or create a new account.

  • Click the 'Settings' link on the upper menu:

  • Click the 'Restrictions' link on the side menu:

Restricted Words

There is an existing list of restricted words and phrases, to which you may add new words and phrases, or replace with your own list. Comments and reviews containing a restricted word or phrase will be filtered and will not be displayed. 


You may use the wildcard character * as a stand-in for any character or combination of characters in a word. For example, adding the word face* to the list would cause the restriction of the words "face", "faces", "facebook" and others. Use the wildcard very carefully to prevent unintended filtering results.



Note: The format % is also supported in order to allow restrictions on words in languages such as Japanese, which do not use spacing between words.


Blocked IP Addresses

You can add IP addresses that you want to block. Comments and reviews posted from a blocked IP will be filtered and will not be displayed.