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Setting Up External Applications in Social Networks

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Gigya uses external applications to deliver its services in social networks.  The external applications act as mediators, enabling the Gigya service to provide the various functions it offers, such as retrieving user info or sending notifications.

The following social networks can be used for User Registration and Login without requiring an external application or special setup: AOL, Blogger, Digg, LiveDoorNetlog OrangeFrance, and WordPress.

Many more providers are supported natively for social Add-ons such as Share.

For other social networks, you have to set up a dedicated external application for each specific social network in order to have Gigya work in your site.

The following tutorials will guide you through the process of setting up external applications for supported social networks:

We will be glad to assist if you need help with this process. You can contact us by filling in a support form on our site.


Watch an Instructional Video

To watch a video about this subject, you can visit our Enablement portal with your approved SAP customer or partner ID (S user). Please visit the About page to find out how to get an S user.

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