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Scheduling Object

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In the IDX API used by IdentitySync, a scheduling object defines the date, time and frequency at which to run a given dataflow. It includes the ID of a Dataflow to execute, when and how often to execute it, and some additional settings such as notification emails.

For an introduction to IdentitySync, read the IdentitySync guide.



namestringThe unique name of this scheduling object.
dataflowIdstringThe unique identifier of a dataflow to which this scheduling applies.

Set to once to execute the dataflow one time.

Otherwise set to minute, hour, day, week, or month.


The interval between dataflow executions, in the time units set in frequencyType.

For example, to execute the dataflow twice a day, set frequencyType="hour" and frequencyInterval=12.

You don't have to set this parameter if you set frequencyType="once".

jobIdstringThis is the ID of the current or last run job.

The log level of this scheduling. Acceptable values:

  • info (default): Info and error logs will be displayed in the trace
  • error: Only error logs will be displayed in the job trace
  • debug: Besides info and error logs, each record will be logged between every 2 steps. This should be used only if the dataflow is not working as expected, and is limited to a batch of 3 records. 

Date and time in which to start executing the dataflow. Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

Default: current date and time.


A comma-separated list of emails that the service will notify when the dataflow is executed successfully.

For example: ","


A comma-separated list of emails that the service will notify when the dataflow fails to execute successfully.

For example: ","


The maximum number of records to fetch.

Default: no limit.


Set to true to perform a full extract. Default: false (service will perform an incremental extract).

enabledbooleanSet to false to disable the scheduled dataflow. Default is true.
schedulingStatusstringThe status of this schedule. The values may be ready or busy.





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