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Gigya's integration with SalesForce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) is managed and delivered by OSF, a Gigya partner. The connector allows you to easily integrate Gigya's Customer Identity throughout your SalesForce Commerce Cloud store. With the connector, you can easily build and maintain secure and scalable registration, authentication, profile management, data analytics and third-party integrations. Increase registrations and identify customers across devices, consolidate data into rich customer profiles, and provide better service, products and experiences by integrating data into marketing and service applications. 

Main Features

Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) 

Integrate Gigya's end-to-end user management system package with your SFCC store, in real time. RaaS is  a powerful CIAM platform (Customer Identity and Access Management) that enables you to connect with your website and app users, and engage with your customers. RaaS helps you gather critical information about your users, store that information securely and leverage it for an enhanced customer experience. Use RaaS as the pivot point for launching personalized marketing campaigns, providing excellent service, and creating an enjoyable user experience overall.. For additional information and advanced implementation options see Customer Identity 

Social Plugins 

The Gigya platform includes a series of plugins that integrate social network connections into your site, for an engaging user experience. These plugins have a fully configurable user interface design:

  • Share – Users can easily Share posts with their social networks friends.
  • Comments – Gigya's Comments plugin enables site users to post comments and have discussions about published content on your site.
  • Loyalty – Also known as "Gamification", this is a social loyalty and rewards platform that can be easily embedded in your website, increasing site engagement and making your users' experience more enjoyable.
  • Reactions – The Reactions plugin allows users to react to content in your site and share their reaction to social networks.
  • Rating & Reviews – The R&R plugins give your customers an easy way to provide feedback on product and content across your site, and then share that feedback with friends in their social networks.




Multisite and SSO Support

The connector includes support for multi-site implementations and single-sign-on (SSO). For more information, see Using the SFCC Connector in Multi-Site Installations

All features and user interfaces are fully configurable, require little time to install, and can be controlled from the SalesForce Commerce Cloud Business Manager.

 User Data Imported from Gigya

When site visitors log in through Gigya, the following data fields are imported into SalesForce Commerce Cloud by default: first name, last name, email, and Gigya UID. For information about synchronizing additional fields, see Mapping Additional Fields.

Version and Compatibility

The current version of the Cartridge is 18.1.0.

  • The cartridge is compatible with Demandware SiteGenesis 2. 
  • This cartridge was developed and certified using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud 17.8 API.
  • jQuery 2.1, inherited from the Site Genesis storefront, is used in the cartridge JavaScript files.

For release notes, see the Change Log - SalesForce Commerce Cloud.


To set up the Cartridge for SalesForce Commerce Cloud, go to SalesForce Commerce Cloud Setup and make sure you follow the three stages of configuration: 

  1. Import and install the cartridge
  2. Set your Gigya site preferences
  3. Integrate the Gigya modules into your site 

RaaS Setup

If you want to use Gigya's Registration-as-a-Service, see Using RaaS with SalesForce Commerce Cloud for detailed setup and configuration notes.

Configuration and Customization

The following documents describe additional options for configuration and customization:



  • The server clock must be set to GMT+0, otherwise errors and unexpected behaviors may occur. We recommend using NTP daemon to ensure that the server time is accurate.
  • Gigya screen-sets must entirely replace any login, registration etc. screen provided by the CMS. The CMS registration, login and edit profile screens should not be rendered at all. Otherwise, the Gigya screen is placed inside the CMS screen and both will behave unexpectedly. 
  • After changing the value of the application key, you should re-enter the application secret.



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