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SAML Error Page - IdP Settings

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Note: Gigya as SAML IdP is a premium Gigya platform that requires separate activation and utilizes Gigya's Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS). If these are not yet a part of your existing site package, please contact Gigya Support via the Support link in the top menu of your Console Dashboard or email

SAML is not supported natively in iOS but does work in WebView.

SAML Error Page

The partner may provide a URL for an error page to display errors that might occur during the SAML SSO process.
This page should be able to get the following request parameters*:

  • errorCode  - error code.
  • errorMessage   - error message.
  • requestId  - request ID (for logging).

These errors are returned within the URI of the error, i.e.:



For a complete list of possible errors and codes, please see our Response Codes and Errors document.

* The page may receive additional information regarding the error raised.

<title>SAML Error Page</title>
//  Implement any error handling / logging / URI sanitization here via JavaScript or server-side ajax.
//	Display a friendly Error message to the user based upon the error(s) contained in the URI

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