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The core of the Gigya service is a REST-like interface. Gigya offers various wraps around this API for various environments, thus in most cases you will not need to use the REST API directly. 

See also Third Party SDKs for unofficial Gigya SDKs that were developed by third parties. Note that Gigya bears no responsibility for these SDKs or their usage. 

Deprecated Methods

The following methods are deprecated:

  • socialize.disconnect : This method disconnects the current user from one or all of the connected providers. This method is deprecated, please use the socialize.removeConnection method instead.
  • socialize.linkAccounts : This method replaces the Gigya UID in the user account on Gigya's DB, with a site user ID that you provide. This method is deprecated, please use the socialize.setUID method instead.
  • socialize.unlinkAccounts : This method deletes the current user's account from Gigya's DB. This method is deprecated, please use the socialize.deleteAccount method instead.

Note: Gigya continues to support deprecated methods for backwards compatibility.

Deprecated Response Fields

The following fields of the response object are deprecated:

  • statusCode
  • statusReason

The fields are still returned in the response object of the REST APIs in order to support backwards compatibility.