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Setting up an external application in Paypal will allow your site users to login to your site using their PayPal account via Gigya's Social Login.

Notice: Deprecated. PayPal has discontinued support for OpenID and moved to OAuth v2. PayPal OpenID is now deprecated and Gigya support will be removed shortly. Please migrate all apps that currently use PayPal OpenID to PayPalOAuth.

Setting Up an External Application in PayPal

  1. Configure a domain alias (CNAME) in Gigya. Please make sure that the subdomain you used supports SSL authentication.
  2. In your Gigya account, under the "Site Settings" section, "Domain Alias (CNAME)", please check the "Enable CNAME for all OpenID providers" box. Per the previous point, please also make sure that "Enable SSL for CNAME"  is checked.


  1. Please contact your Gigya Implementation Consultant, and pass the following information:

    • Application Display Name
    • Contact Email 
    • Domain URL - Enter the CNAME you created in step #1. Please make sure that the address starts with "https://",  i.e.  https://[YOUR-ALIAS-SUB-DOMAIN]
    • Privacy Policy URL (e.g.
    • User Agreement URL (e.g.

Your Implementation Consultant will contact Paypal to register your application and whitelist your domain.