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This integration is currently under construction. For more information, please contact us at


Gigya provides functionality for passing users' site and social information from your website to Netsuite. This enables you to combine Netsuite customer management with Gigya's social data, improving the effectiveness of your sales force and service provision to customers.

This document is a guide to integrating Gigya with Netsuite CRM.

Gigya provides the ability to integrate data from the Profile Management - IDS database with Netsuite, both on a recurring basis (usually weekly or daily) and ad-hoc:

  • Leads (contacts) and opportunities data can be synchronized. 
  • Transmits new and updated accounts.
  • Integration is by transferring single value Gigya user account fields such as name, age, address or email. Field names are matched with corresponding fields on the target system. Gigya account fields which hold complex multi-value object data such as user photos' URLs or Facebook likes cannot be integrated using this method.