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Magento 1.0 - Back-End Synchronization

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To ensure that Magento admins are working with up-to-date user data. we offer the ability to synchronize a user's data between Gigya and Magento whenever a Magento admin accesses the user's profile page in the Magento Admin Panel. The following diagram illustrates the flow of data when an Admin retrieves a user in the Magento back end: 

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This optional addition to the Gigya Extension for Magento is available as a separate module.

Click here to download the module. Refer to the Magento documentation for instructions for downloading and installing a Magento extension.


Note that the specific fields being synchronized and the direction of the sync (only from Magento to Gigya, or both directions) are determined by the Gigya Extension's field mapping configuration file.

Example of configuring the sync from Gigya to Magento: 

    "magentoName": "gender",
    "magentoType": "int",
    "gigyaName": "profile.gender",
    "gigyaType": "string",
    "direction": "cms2g"

Example of configuring a bi-directional sync: 

    "magentoName": "custom1",
    "magentoType": "string",
    "gigyaName": "data.test1",
    "gigyaType": "string",
    "direction": "both"

See Field Mapping for more information.


The sync module includes a hook named pre_sync_to_gigya to which you can listen. This is an event that is fired every time a user is changed in Magento's back end.

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