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Lite Registration Quick Start Guide

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Lite Registration is a premium product that requires separate activation. For inquiries, contact your Customer Engagement Executive by filling a support form. You can access the support page by clicking Support on the upper menu after logging into your Gigya Console.



This guide will help you quickly get Lite Registration implemented on your site.



To quickly implement Lite Registration on your site, follow these steps.

  • If you have not yet created a new Screen-Set Collection that includes the Lite Registration Screen-Set, do so now.
  • Navigate to your <Collection_Prefix>-LiteRegistration screen-set and open it's UI Builder.
  • Select the Subscribe with email screen.

  •  In the UI Builder canvas, select the Weekly Newsletter widget.

  • In the right-hand Properties window for the Weekly Newsletter Checkbox, map it to a new (or pre-existing) Subscription object by scrolling to the bottom of the Mapped Field window and clicking Add under the Subscriptions schema. For details on configuring a Subscription object, see Lite Registration.

  • Once you have mapped the field, save your updated screen-set.
  • You can now deploy the Lite Registration screens on your site. When users sign-up using the screen, they will have an email based account on your site. You can then search and update this lite account using and accounts.setAccountInfo. For detailed information on retrieving and updating lite account data, see Lite Registration.


Lite Registration Required Fields

Lite registration screens have behavior that differs from all other screen-sets in regard to required fields.

Lite registration will succeed even if there are required fields within your site's schema that have not been completed for the user; There is never a Registration Completion form triggered by a lite registration screen. If you need a field to be completed when users fill out a lite registration form, you must include the field on the lite registration submission form, and if it is not already required in the site's schema, select the Required: When Visible option in the Schema section of the UI Builder Properties panel. 


This will force the user to complete the field prior to submitting the lite registration form.


Quick Start API Based Lite Registration

To register a Lite account using APIs only, the steps required are as follows:

  • Call accounts.initRegistration with the following parameters
    • isLite: true
    • callback: function that passes response data from this call to accounts.setAccountInfo
  • Call accounts.setAccountInfo with the following minimum parameters received from initRegistration.
    • regToken
    • profile: {email:"The user's email"}

For additional information see the Lite Account Subscription Flow.





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