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This page is a step-by-step guide for the process of opening and setting up an external Kakao application as part of the Gigya Setup process.

Note: If your site is defined under one of Gigya's non-US data centers, replace domain references to "" (or "") with https://socialize.<data_center>/

Where <Data_Center> is:
  • - For the US data center.
  • - For the European data center.
  • - For the Australian data center.
  • - For the Russian data center.
  • - For the Chinese data center.

If you are not sure of your site's data center, see Finding Your Data Center.

Domain references are defined in Gigya's dashboard, externally in social network app definition pages, and when using Gigya's SDKs to set the domain (in particular the APIDomain field in class GSRequest). 

Note that all forms should only be submitted while in Korean, not while in translation mode, this is especially important for the Developer's account registration form in Phase 1b.


Phase 1a - Setting up a Kakao User Account

If you do not yet have a user account in Kakao, you will need to create one now. To do this follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign-up.

  3. Accept the Terms of Service and the Collection and Use of Personal Information terms and press Next.

  4. Enter a valid Email account (required for verification), a password, and a nickname and press Next.

  5. Enter your verification code and press Next.

  6. Press Confirm on the final screen.



Phase 1b - Setting up a Kakao Developer Account

  1. Goto and press Login.

  2. Register your user account as a Developer account. If you are still logged in from the previous steps, your email address will be displayed in the e-mail field. 
  3. You need to again accept both policies, the Acceptance of service use policy and the Consent to the collection and use of personal information policy. 
  4. Enter a name in the name field and a company name in the Company (Affiliation) field.

    This step can be difficult, however, even if you still receive the warning that the company name is not acceptable, un-translate the page and press the Developer registration button only while the page is in it's original Korean and the submission will often succeed, even while telling you that the format is not correct.

  5. If the registration succeeded, proceed to the next steps. If you received any errors, try a different company name and only fill the field while the page is in Korean.


Phase 2a - Setting up a Kakao Application

  1. After successfully creating a developer account, Upload an image for your app and give it a name and press Create an app.

  2. You will now be displayed all your App keys:

    You will need the REST API key from this page for Phase 3 - Configuring Kakao in the Gigya Console.

  3. You must now set up User Management to use Kakao Login.
  4. Click User Management (in the left-hand menu):

  5. Switching it to the On position will display a number of new options that need to be configured.
  6. Under the Profile Id select necessary and explain why.
  7. Under the account_email Id select necessary and explain why.
  8. Leave all other options off and click Save

Phase 2b - Create a Client Secret for your Kakao Application

  1. Finally, generate an App secret.
  2. Press the settings link next to App info to open the Apps settings.

  3. On the settings page look for the Client Secret section. If there is no current secret, press the button to generate a new secret. Once the secret is generated, you will see it in the corresponding field.

    You will need the Client Secret from this page for Phase 3 - Configuring Kakao in the Gigya Console.

  4. Be sure to Enable the app by turning the button in the Client Secret section to the ON position and pressing Apply.

    Note that the button is a toggle and pressing it again will deactivate the Client Secret.

Phase 2c - Enable a Platform for your Kakao Application 

  1. In the platform section, press Add a platform and select the Web option.

  2. In the available Site Domain field enter https://<your_domain_Cname> if using a CName, or


  3. Press the Add button when complete.

  4. Next, add the Redirect Path into the corresponding field; regardless of whether you are using a CName or not, this will be 

  5. Press Save.
  6. The application is now configured and you can continue to Phase 3, below.


Phase 3 - Configuring Kakao in the Gigya Console

Setting your keys in the Kakao Configuration Editor

  1. Log into your Gigya account and go to the Providers Configurations page.
  2. Click on the Kakao logo to open its configuration window. 

  3. In the Kakao Configuration window enter:
    • Your REST API Key from the Kakao Developers Dashboard into the REST API Key field (from Phase 2a).
    • Your Client Secret into the Client Secret field (from Phase 2b).
    • If you are using a CNAME, be sure to check the Enable CName checkbox.
    • Select Secure redirects only to allow only HTTPS redirects from Kakao.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Save Settings on the bottom right-hand corner of the Provider Configurations page.


That's it, Kakao configuration is complete! Please note that it might take up to 10 minutes for our system to become synchronized with Kakao.






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